VMware vSphere
Health Check

Chances are you’ve been using vSphere for years. As your environment has grown, vSphere may not be functioning as well as it once did or could be.

Maximize your network’s performance and redundancy with SHI’s VMware vSphere Health Check.

The Health Check can help you:

  • Optimize VMware vSphere and mission-critical system performance
  • Maximize resources through improved efficiencies
  • Roadmap considerations for future improvements
  • Reduce risk by leveraging experienced

How it Works

To improve your mission-critical systems’ performance and availability, SHI’s expert virtualization team assesses your virtual infrastructure based on best practices and provides configuration recommendations.

Our health checks aren’t only for VMware products, either – we also evaluate and provide remediation options for Windows Domain Controllers, Microsoft Exchange nodes and SQL instances, and Oracle virtual machines.

Key Activities

  • Discovery meeting and scope review
  • Installation of vSphere health analyzer appliance and third party assessment tools
  • Assessment result review and best practice knowledge transfer
  • Review of recommendations

Whether you need a base assessment or have more complicated needs, our Health Check has you covered.

Base Assessment includes:

  • Up to six vSphere hosts
  • Up to two virtual switches per host
  • Up to 50 virtual machines
  • Up to five datastores

You may also add the below to the Base Assessment:

  • Additional virtual switches, ESX/ESXi hosts, virtual machines, and datastores/RDMS
  • Windows Domain Controller virtual machine
  • Microsoft Exchange virtual machine
  • Microsoft SQL virtual machine
  • Oracle Database virtual machine

To learn more about the VMware vSphere Health Check, contact us today!

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